What To Expect

Prior To Booking – PLEASE READ

  • You may request an optional, initial, complimentary, ten minute telephone consultation with Hulya Mehmet. This provides an opportunity to talk over any concerns you may have about your child’s communication, there is no obligation to book an appointment
  • Appointments can be booked via online booking page
  • Assessment first, then therapy. Your initial consultation must be an assessment appointment, please do not book therapy sessions until your child has had their initial assessment.

Initial assessment:

  • Case history from the parent(s)
  • Assessment of child’s communication skills
  • Verbal feedback including assessment results, diagnosis, management / treatment plan
  • Management plan will consider the short, medium and longer term needs of your child
  • Specialist referrals, we will list any onward referrals your child may need
  • Referral letter, we will provide letters for relevant specialists or therapists we feel your child may need
  • We provide verbal advice on what can be done straight away to start helping your child’s communication
  • We will provide the parent(s) with written or emailed material we feel is relevant to help your child’s communication
  • We will suggest a therapy plan, advise of the number of sessions required and what sort of outcome to expect from the treatment.
  • We will advise parents of the amount of support they will need to provide for their child to help them reach their therapy targets. For example, we may suggest you practice with your child for 5 minutes, twice daily.

Therapy sessions will take the following format:

  • Pre-school children must be accompanied by their parent throughout the session unless we have agreed otherwise.
  • School age children do not require the parent to be present in the session.
  • Parents may wait for their children outside.  We will notify parents should they need to come in.
  • At the first session of therapy, we will advise you of the main objectives of treatment which would have been agreed at the initial assessment.
  • At the start of each session of therapy we will advise you of the aims of the session and talk you through how we shall achieve them. If the parent is in the session, we will talk you through what we are doing and why.
  • At the start of the session we will ask the parent how the homework went.
  • At the end of the session, we will spend time discussing the outcomes of the session, set homework, provide resources and train the parent on how it should be done.
  • The sessions are fun and focused on the child enjoying themselves whilst reaching their communication targets, sometimes this means children can be very reluctant to leave once the session has ended, young children can become upset upon leaving. Please do not worry about this behaviour, we will support you and your child should this happen and put strategies in place to ensure a smooth exit, for the next session.
  • Throughout the session, parents have the opportunity to ask questions.

Infection Control – IMPORTANT

  • Unwell children should not attend the clinic – children with suspected or known infectious or contagious illness must not be brought to clinic appointments.  We have the right to cancel the session if the child appears unwell. The session will be cancelled at a last minute cancellation fee.  Please see FAQ’s.
  • Parents should wear a face mask when entering the clinic when requested.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used prior to entering the clinic.
  • Temperature checks may be made at the door, if the child or parent has a raised temperature we cannot admit them into the clinic, the session will be cancelled.