Paediatric Speech and Language

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Charlotte Taylor


Hulya Mehmet BScHons MRCSLT

Senior Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Head of Service

Mr Chris Wade BSc Hons MRCSLT

Senior Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Why communication matters

Expert help from Hulya

  • What are the early signs of Autism?
  • How to identify a late-talker
  • Is screen time bad for young kids?
  • How to boost a child’s vocabulary
  • Help communicating with teens
  • How to help a shy talker
  • Does a stutter go away without help?
  • Toddler tantrums – helpful strategies



Sorry - we are closed for summer break, Hulya is unavailable to return calls / emails.

You can still book appointments in advance online via the booking page.

We look forward to seeing you from 1st of September.

Wishing all our clients a lovely summer.