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Experts at happy, Articulate kids for over 20 years.

Ms Hulya Mehmet BSc Hons


Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
Founder & Head of Service

22+ years specialist expertise. Hulya manages the service and also provides assessment and therapy.

Hulya’s specialist areas are speech and language disorders, stammering and selective mutism.

Hulya Mehmet ‘The Communication Expert’ at Articulate Kids as featured in The Daily Telegraph (read here)

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Why communication matters

Expert help from Hulya

  • What are the early signs of Autism?
  • How to identify a late-talker
  • Is screen time bad for young kids?
  • How to boost a child’s vocabulary
  • Help communicating with teens
  • How to help a shy talker
  • Does a stutter go away without help?
  • Toddler tantrums – helpful strategies