Hulya practised as a clinician in the NHS (2001- 2005), a forward thinker and innovator, she improved service delivery to local clinics, reducing waiting list times for Speech and Language Therapy, from 12 months to 12 weeks. Sadly, budget restrictions limited treatment to patients, a moral dilemma and frustration which lead to Hulya to move to private practice.

In 2004, Hulya Mehmet started ‘Articulate’, the Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service, dedicated to helping children.  Since then, her mission has been to provide the gold standard in Speech and Language Therapy, in a caring and fun environment — earning Hulya a exceptional reputation as a Therapist, dedicated to her profession and clients, with a steadfast commitment to excellence.​

Hulya has treated over a thousand children but never falters from her core belief that each parent and their child is unique in their needs and situation. There is no ‘blanket’ assessment or treatment method, each child gets the exact assessment and treatment they require to get the maximum possible results in the least number of sessions.​

“There are many talented therapists out there, I am always striving to be the best therapist, for my clients.”

“I really listen to parents, to fully understand their concerns and what they hope to achieve with their child’s communication. I work very hard to help us reach those goals. I support and train the parent, they leave the process understanding their child’s behaviour and communication at a totally different level, which will help both, parent and child, in the long term.”

“I want each child to leave my practice happy, talkative and brimming with confidence. This leads to better behaviour, academic success and even increased earning potential when they reach adulthood.”

“Great communication is the key to great success. I feel it is a long term investment in each child’s future.”

“Parents leave the process empowered by the knowledge and skills, direct from me to them. These skills will help them understand and manage their child’s behaviour and communication for years to come.”

​”It helps that I love my work and feel very privileged to be a Speech and Language Therapist. My passion for my work drives me to go above and beyond.”

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